Google+ Beathearts: Beat Generation Series: The Buscrate 16-bit Ensemble (The 2K14 Update)


Beat Generation Series: The Buscrate 16-bit Ensemble (The 2K14 Update)

It's hard to believe but it's been almost two years since our first feature in the Beat Generation interview series with Orlando "Buscrates" Marshall. This past weekend we caught up with Buscrates to get an update what's been cooking in the 16-bit basement.

You've been down since day one and was featured in the very first episode of the Beatgeneration interview series. The exclusive track you shared with us ("Phoenix rising") is still the tune that has gotten the most plays, buzz, shares and attention. You're still getting props every week about that groove with those sampled secret Polish drums. Still a wicked track. Did you ever try to add any vocals?

Thank you so much for reaching out to me, I'm so glad to have been there from the start! I kept that track in the vaults for a short while because I wasn't sure what I wanted to do with it, but then the opportunity came along to feature it on Beathearts, so everything worked out there. The thought of vocals never crossed my mind at the time I made that, that's why I added that Moog synth lead, to fill in some space where a vocalist may have been singing.

Buscrates - Phoenix Rising (Beathearts exclusive)

It's such a pleasure following you on Soundcloud always generous sharing a wide variety of sounds and inspirations. The last couple of months we've been nodding our heads to your rework of Teddy Riley's classic tune "Groove me" off Guy's debut album (1988). A daring challenge that you pulled off brilliantly. Somehow you kept that eighties sound but totally rearranged the groove. Ever worked on any other Teddy Riley tracks? It would be interesting to hear what a touch of the 16-bit magic could do to tunes like "Teddy's Jam pt II" or Black Girl's "90s girl" or Kool Moe Dee's "Go see the doctor".

I was out record shopping one day, and came across that Guy joint on 7". I always liked the original, and when I saw that there was an acapella on the flip side, I just knew I had to try something out with it! The record was only about $0.50 too.  If any of those jams have a capellas floating around I'd definitely be into trying those as well. It had been a while since I had done any remixes (aside from the Lisa Stansfield remix I did not too long before), and me finding this record was right on time.

Exclusive download: Guy - Groove me (Buscrates funk hop swing remix)

We hear that East Liberty Quarters is at it again with an upcoming 7 inch on Rotating Souls. When is it due for release? Plans for any more releases with Grand Ear and Nice Rec this year? An album perhaps?

There hasn't been a set release date for it yet, but I'm sure it will be out sometime this Spring or Summer. We're always recording stuff, throwing ideas back and forth, and who knows what may come of it. I have both of my ELQ fam on an upcoming solo boogie/funk project due out this year sometime.I'm sure there will be a session or two when I go back to visit Pittsburgh in April. I moved to Atlanta in October 2012.

Back in 2012 you featured on a track on Copenhagen's finest Terry Testers debut album "Horses & Diamonds". Any plans for more collaborations with him?

That's the homie right there, anytime he has any ideas for collabs it's always on. I'm glad he reached out to us to put us on wax. Nothing's ever really planned, a lot of times things just happen haha..

What can we expect more from the Buscrates studio in 2014?

The aforementioned solo EP, some more stuff with my man Sam Champ (the other half of Extra Medium), a project I have with the homie Brett Eclectic - we formed a duo called Synthesiz, and we're on the boogie/funk tip. You can check two of our joints here:

Some stuff with Mecca:83 & DistantStarr, and probably even more that I haven't figured out yet! I'm playing catch-up on a lot of these projects, some of which I'm behind in due to an unfortunate incident where I was hit by a car on my bicycle back in February..I was sidelined for about a month. I have recovered swiftly..not at 100% but probably a good 85-90% and getting better daily.

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