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Beathearts top selections 2012 - TheStrom

2012 was a good year. A very good year. Going through our posts and playlists over the past year it was easy to identify great tunes. But it was equally hard to single out an all through solid album - a future classic. There were many good efforts from the likes of Frank Ocean, Actress, Robert Glasper and others but very few of them ended up on repeat for us. At least in their entireties. For that reason I decided to put forward the top selections of 2012 in three sections:

* Top 5 artists of year (instead of releases) that impressed me the most in 2012
* Best tunes of the year (Spotify link)
* Top 3 expectations for 2013



1.Prince (!?)
You say what?! I haven't quite been able to figure out why but it's been a crazy year for Prince. Prince Roger Nelson of the 80s that is. For an artist that hasn't released a single track (that we know of) Prince has been huge 2012. It might have started already last year with the return of Prince live in session at festivals around the world. Then Jam & Lewis and the Time reunited as the Original 7even and released the Condensate album. That sparked a "Nu-Prince-Movement" that's been pulsating all year:

*Wax Poetic put out a Prince special edition including no less than two mixtapes of peak performances from the man.
*All year we've been flooded with Prince edits and covers from the likes of Dâm-Funk, Frank Ocean et al.
*Alexis Taylor of Hot Chip has been tearin' the roof off with his DJ sessions when dropping the 1984 obscure Morris Day & Prince jam session Cloreen Bacon Skin.

If that doesn't convince you there's a new biography entitled Prince by Matt Thorne and the other week there was a TWO (!) day seminar at the London Institute of Contemporary Art analyzing the Prince's work.

All we can say is that his importance for most of the new music we listen to today cannot be overrated. One of the greatest tributes that's been on heavy rotation for us was the Wax Poetics mixtape vol.2:

Download: Wax Poetics - Prince mixtape part 2


2.Tall Black Guy
Without a doubt one of the artist that we have spun the most this year. His edits, compilations and original tracks have been off the hook. His Tempo Dreams compilation for Bastard Jazz set a new standard for beatmakers to live up to.

Our stand out track of the year from TBG was his totally unexpected remake of James Brown's I feel good. You've gotta have guts to take on a classic tune and flip it into something completely different. We've said it before but it's like a part 2 of Waajeed's Tron track. Absolutely genius!

Download: Tall Black Guy - What's good


3.Buscrates 16-bit Ensemble
What can we say. Orlando Buscrates Marshall has had an amazing year. As a producer for Kiara, as a group member in East Liberty Quartet, as a remixer as well as a solo artist he has blown us away all year. If Dâm-Funk is the king of boogie - Buscrates is most definitely next in line to take the reign.

*Best release: Buscrates - Funktropolis EP

*Best remake: Vesta Williams - Don't blow a good thing (Buscrates re-edit)

*Best production: Kiara Reves - Shine on

Buscrates was also the first artist in our Beat Generation Interview Series
Download: Buscrates - Phoenix rising (Beathearts Beat Generation exclusive)


4.Miles Bonny
Ever since we got Miles Bonny's seminal track Still Miles with DJ Day back in 2009 he's been on our radar. Numerous EPs, collaborations and albums later his sense of quality is second to none.

Miles toured heavily this year with Brenk Sinatra (as S3) in Germany and Poland going back to his Polish roots.

Miles been putting out amazing releases all year and all you regulars might recall that S3's album Supa Soul Sh*t was our album of the month in November.

Download: S3 - Don't stop


5.Frank Ocean
No matter what you think about the hype there's no denying Mr. Ocean's huge influence on the soundtrack to the world 2012.

From the first underground mixtapes and bootlegs to TV-commerials and inflight entertainment he's taken the world by storm. With incredible productions and solid harmonies in my ears his sound is the 2012 equivalent to Gamble & Huff in the 70ies. Channel Orange was one of very few solid albums of 2012 and we have high hopes of what's to come in 2013.

Download: Frank Ocean - Sweet

Like I said we've been absolutely overwhelmed with great tunes all year. Below I've compiled a few of my favourite tracks to brighten the daily subway ride. If you've got Spotify there's a playlist link below. If not we've compiled all available download links.

Spotify playlist: Beathearts top selections 2012

Download: Joey Badass - Waves 
Download: S3 - Don't stop
Listen: Mala - Cuba Electronica
Download: Vesta Williams - Don't blow a good thing (Buscrates edit)
Yuna ft Pharell & Dizzee Rascal - Live your life (Not officially released - hunt it down!)
Listen: Wiley - Scar
Listen: Actress - Rainy dub
Listen: Yasiin Bey - Niggas in poorest
Listen: Tall Black Guy - What's good (JB flip)
Listen: Nas - The don
Download: Donaeo - When angels sing (TEED remix)
Download: Alexis Davis - The lift
Listen: Buscrates & Kiara Ravae - Shine on
Listen: Martino - Reasons (Sigg Buggz remix)
Download: Jeremih - Keep it moving
Listen: Ikiz & Melo - Over and over
DJ Spin & DJ Rashad - Let me baby
Download: Souls of Mischeif - 93 til infinity (Hannes Fisher remix)
Robert Glasper ft Ledisi - Gonna be alright
Listen: Daphni - Jiaolong
Listen: Frank Ocean - Super Rich Kids
Listen: Electric Street Orchestra ft Mad Mike Banks - Scorpio
Listen: Naderi - Stormy weather



1.The return of Waajeed

Waajeed will be huge in 2013. On a recent BBC Radio 1 show Waajeed revealed four projects that will see the light of day next year: Jeedeci, Electric Street Orchestra, Tiny Hearts and new label Dirt Tech Reck. If you missed out get a preview of the tracks below.

2.Enter T-E-E-D

We've had T-E-E-D a.k.a. Orlando Higginbottom on our radar all year and he was responsible for one of best remixes of the year reconstructing Donaeo's When Angels sing. His mixtapes and remixes have popped up everywhere we turned and we have very high expectations for what's to come in 2013. Check his essential mix from BBC below:

>T-E-E-D - BBC essential mix

3.Maya Jane Coles

Starting off as a producer and only recently jumped on the 1's and 2's, Maya still put together one of the best mixtapes of the year for DJ-kicks. (Listen on Spotify). It's sublime blend of minimal, experimental but oh so funky deep house tracks. With the quality of her mixes and own releases expectations are through the roof for her upcoming album. Rumors say it will feature Miss Kittin among others and have vocals on all tracks. Watch this space!

Download: Maya Jane Coles - BBC essential mix


Last but not least we want to thank you all for an amazing year. We can't thank you enough for all the amazing feedback and input we've got from you all since the start. Followers, artists, labels, journalists, DJs and partners.

If you want to get in touch with new music, ideas, feedback and questions don't hesistate to hit us up right here, on Twitter @beatheartsblog or e-mail: beatheartsblog(a)


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