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Beathearts rewind #36: Loose Ends - Don't be a fool

Following our throwback of Innocence Let's push it  a couple of weeks ago I've been going through my crates of UK soul from the early nineties. For the last decade there's been so much new music to listen to every week it's been a quite a while since I went back but man they put out some tunes!  

One classic group from that time was Loose Ends. The group was originally made up by Carl McIntosh, Jane Eugene and Steve Nichol. They released five studio albums and as far as I know ended their recording career with the epic remix album Tighten up Vol.1.

One of my favourite tracks was and still is Don't be a fool (1990). It was around this time my own crate digging started getting serious so I might not be objective, but to me this song is timeless. It combined the Soul II Soul inspired harmonies but with a dirtier bassline/breakbeat that blew us away when it dropped.

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