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Beathearts rewind #46: Many Fazes - I'm hip (1990)

Another hidden gem from back in the day. Many Fazes was a huge underground hit that year and many of us had high expectations for an album that never turned up. We haven't been able to find out why but as far as I know they only released this one 12".

Produced by Derek Jenkins and Dwayne Richardson this lil' gem was based on two crazy and (at least to me) unknown sample sources. The Turtles I'm Chief Kamanawanalea (We're the Royal Macadamia Nuts) and Don Ray's Gotta have loving. But what really stands out and keeps it fresh even today are the dubby chords. Man those chords!

Jenkins and Richardson later continued to release more club oriented music under aliases such as Ruffneck and Backroom Productions. Check it!

Download: Many Fazes - I'm hip (1990)

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