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Beathearts rewind #29: The Roots - Break you off (Yam Who? rework)

The Roots - Break you off (original video version) 

One of the most sought after reworks of all time is Yam Who's version of The Roots Break you off. It's an amazing song to start off with, but somehow they managed to prolong the groove, add that live feel and take it to the next level. This week we got in touch with the man who turned reworks into an artform, Mr. Yam Who? himself, to get the Beathearts exclusive behind the scenes story of how the track came about:

"Hey its funny how much I get asked about this record. I really didn't think I could better the original, whereas the Raphael Saadiq track, Little Brother, John Legend, NDambi, its obvious what should be done. The only difference is the who's writing/producing/arranging. Alot depends on the country its made in, the decade, technology/economics etc"

From what we hear your version of Break you off was only played on radio once back in 2003 (Deviation on BBC 1extra) never to be aired again and was never released. What happened?

"It was going to be our second rework but for some reason one night I was talking about a record with my friend called 'Skyy Can You Feel Me' by Raphael Saadiq, we both loved this record like many people. I started messing around with it but I always thought it was too mellow and it just happened that this blew up and The Roots record was pushed to one side, then the whole Yam Who? thing just exploded."

Unfortunately the only version available of your take on Break you off is that talked over Benji B radio-rip. Is there any chance that you would put out that track officially or as promotion before hell freezes over? :-)

"It came out on our first Back II Front compilation very ltd!"

Correct us if we're wrong but Back II Front was only released as a mixed CD with only a few minutes of Break you off right? Since we're on a mission to push underground soulful music that deserves more attention we're obliged to ask you if we'll ever get a chance to hear the track in its entirety?

"Ok that's a fair point with Back II Front. I guess most artists/producers are always chasing the next goal so this track was left behind a little. One day perhaps we'll release as there's a lot interest. One fact, myself and Chaz Jankel (Ai No Corrida fame) made the music which gives in that timeless quality..."

Did you ever get any feedback from the Roots crew? We mean, they're usually quite openminded and one would think they'd also like for your hommage to meet a larger audience?

"Yes, we'd love to know what The Roots thought!"

If you want to know more about Yam Who's reworks, inspirations and what they're up to today the full interview with Yam Who? is available right here. For now, check the most complete available version of the track below. We usually don't post talked over radio rips but this track is truly worth an exception.

The Roots - Break you off (Yam Who? rework radio rip)

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