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Beathearts rewind #28: Deep Dish ft Prana - The dream

Yes, we're suckers for genre breaking music. It's the greatest feeling when we hear a new tune and can't decide how to label it. It inspires us to dig deeper and search for new inspiriations.

If mid-ninties was the golden era for rap the same could be argued for more uptempo beat genres. 1994 was the year of game changing releases such as NuYoricanSoul The nervous track, Photek Natural Born Killa EP and Jedi Knight's legendary EP May the funk be with you on Clear recordings.

The same could be argued for Deep Dish's The Dream. Washinton DC based Deep Dish is producer/DJ duo Ali "Dubfire" Shirazinia and Sharam Tayebi. With this release Deep Dish added genre breaking elements to the quite traditional garage/deep house scene. Just like The nervous track they put layer upon layer of sharp hi-hats inspired by both hiphop and drum'n'bass producers. Inspired by Detroit electronic pioneers such as Carl Craig they added a deep filtered bassline and the dreamlike feel.

When The Dream dropped it blew our minds and it's still does. It's one of those tunes that stand the test of time.

Deep Dish ft Prana - The dream (Sharam's version)

If you love the track as much as we do it's available from Beatport right here.

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