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Beathearts rewind #26: Change - Heaven/Change of heart (re-edit)

Change is probably one of the disco-funk-era crews that is surrounded by most rumors and myths. Created by Italian producers, entrepreneurs Jacques Fred Petrus and Mauro Malavasi the group has had members like Luther Vandross and Jocelyn Brown coming and going.

In our mind their greatest tune is Change of heart, produced by the almighty Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis in 1984. At the time they put together Change of heart Jam & Lewis were the hottest producers around with tracks like S.O.S. Band Just be good to me and Thelma Houston's You used to hold me so tight flying off the shelves.

We recently found two new edits of the track and thought we'd share it with y'all.

Download: Change - Change of heart (Tim Z edit)

The second version is from french beatmaker Onra which is a more twisted and up to date re-edit.

Onra - Change of heart (re-edit)

As a bonus you need to check this very slick edit of another Change track Heaven of my life off their second album Miracles (1981).
Download: Change - Heaven (Danny's heavenly edit)

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