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Beathearts rewind #21: The Action 13 - Give more bread to the people

The Action 13
More Bread to the People/ Go if You Want To (EMI Nigeria 1973)

Side A: More Bread to The People
Side B: Go if You Want To

This rare Nigerian 45 from 1973 hit me while driving home yesterday. It was on an old CDR that I picked up in Amsterdam last year but for some reason I haven't got around to play it before. The breaks are absolutely crazy but still with that Nigerian jamming funk feel to it. And just when you think it couldn't get any better a second layer of breaks drops at 2:10 to snap your neck. We already knew central Africa put out some bad grooves in the 70's but this is just an extraordinary tune.

The Action 13 a.k.a. Aktion was made up of two members, Lemmy Faith and Essien Akpabio. Under The Action 13 moniker they only put out two 45s but they later hooked up with Renny Pearl and the most respected drummer of that era, Ben Alaka, to form Aktion and put together their legendary Groove The Funk album in 1975.

The band's success was shortlived when music of the era faded in the late 70s. From what we've hear, Ben Alaka still lives in Warri, the delta state. Essien Akpabio relocated to a civilian life in his home town of Calabar. Appearantly Lemmy Faith is still producing and it would be amazing if they could all reunite for a live tour in the vein of Ebo Taylor (covered here earlier), Benda Bilili (whose documentary is on in European movie theaters at the moment) or Buena Vista Social Club.

The Action 13 More bread to the people is also available via Soundway Records

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