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Beathearts rewind #13: Digging in the crates

We thought it was about time to do some digital crate digging. This time we're digging deep. In Ghana and Kuwait. We've only been able to find low quality rips but the tracks are awsome. If you know where we can get a hold of a copy or if you're sitting on a better quality rip get in touch!

First up is the long lost Conflict LP from afrobeat legend Ebo Taylor. Originally released in Ghana in 1980 this never got the attention it deserves. First dug up by Frank Voodoofunk, (the don of African crate digging), the Conflict EP has the same kind of vibe as Fela Kuti's Water no get enemy. And from what we hear Ebo was also a close friend of Fela's back in the day. The first song, Victory, is based on a traditional song of the Asafo people.

The second tune is a revisited version of Love and death. Originally released on Conflict the new version is on Ebo Taylors new album Love and death that was just released on Strut Records. Check the tracks below and then go buy Ebo's new album here.

It's amazing how much great music that was produced in Africa in the 70's. If you want to learn more about African crate digging check Frank's ace voodoofunk blog.

Ebo Taylor - Love and death (revisited)

The third track is quite out there. It's something as rare as 70's Lebanese funk recorded in Kuwait. Recorded in 1978 The Bandaly Family fused that global 70's funk vibe with the traditional way of Arabic singing. This has been on constant rotation since we got it. Check it below!

During 2010 Mochilla has put out some amazing mixtapes from the likes of Madlib and Shafiq Husayn (of Sa-Ra Creative Partners). If you're into the Bandaly sound above you should definetely check the Mochilla mixtape put together by Jay Electronica, Coleman and Quantic on their recent trip to the Middle East. We challenge you to spot that sample used by Jay-Z...

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