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Terry Tester - Short suite EP

By now, most regulars here at Beathearts know that when new material from the Terry Tester studio in Copenhagen, Denmark it'll be worth your while. This new EP from Thomas Månsson is no exception. It consists of twelve short instrumental tunes mixed together in a....well, a short suite.

The tunes are more electronic than before and are right up our sleeve. Our takeaway tracks are "Be alright","Clean up your act" and the most original title of the week "Beyoncé doesn't care about black people".

1.Be Alright
2.White Russian
4.Clean up your act
5.Walk like sex
6.Late nighters
9.1 for the UK
11.Always come hard
12.Beyoncé doesn't care about black people

Today we got a chance to have a quick chat with the man to ask about how the EP came about:

Beathearts: How did you come up with the concept of the short suite?

Terry Tester: Me and Per Vers (Mixed Ape labelboss) discussed what was the best format for releasing these beats and we agreed to 'beat tape'. The suite idea was to add some sort of coherence to the wealth of different styles and tempos.

Beathearts: This beats are absolute killers but oh so short. Any plans for longer edits or use for other projects?

Terry Tester: Longer (demo)versions of some of the tracks are streaming on Soundcloud, but no plan to release them in that form, sorry.

Beathearts: The sound is a bit different from your earlier work, more electronic/analogue. What was your inspiration?

Terry Tester: The material on Short Suite is more recent than the material on Horses & Diamonds, and as such inspired by new developments in electronic genres. Also, I have acquired more drum machines and stuff since the last project, which can also be heard.

Beathearts: Have to ask about the title of that Beyoncé track?

Terry Tester: The Beyoncé title refers to the somewhat schizophrenic nature of the track alternating between hiphop and house rhythms, which in an odd way reminded me of Kanye West alternating between being a political activist one week ("George Bush doesn't care about black people") and self-absorbed-media-clown the next ("Taylor Swift, imma let you finish, but Beyonce should've won that award..."). Make sense?

Beathearts: With this new sound I wouldn't be surprised if Waajeed called you about a Dirt Tech Reck release any moment now :)

Terry Tester: I'll be waiting for Waajeed to call...

The Short Suite EP will be released digitally on Monday September 9th and on limited edition 10” vinyl on September 23rd.''

Download: Making Monkey Music is a Must compilation (incl. Terry Tester - Be alright)

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