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Häzel - The lost tapes

"His father was a well known radio host in Brasilia back in the 80′s, the city where Häzel discovered his love for music. Being surrounded by his dad’s massive vinyl collection enabled Häzel to appreciate the classics, but it wasn’t until he first listened to the late James “Dilla” Yancey’s work that he knew his musical destiny was set."

Many great reunions this week. French producer Yannick Beaucaine a.k.a. Häzel just dropped his Lost tapes on CD, white vinyl and cassette (!) We previously covered his collaborations with Drake, Slakah, Onra to name a few.

Judging by his sound we were not surprise to learn from his biography that he grew up in Brazil and is heavily influenced by Dilla. He just released one of the bonus tracks from the album. Bosquito is available now as a limited free download. So be quick!

Häzel's The Lost Tapes is now via

Download: Häzel - Bosquito

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